About Savitri Thakur Prakashan

Among the most prestigious and renowned of all, when talking about the successful entrepreneurship, one of them all is the publisher of hindi literature, Late Babu Thakur Prasad Ji Gupt whose name is engraved in hearts of millions of literature lovers. He was an icon of kindness, politeness and honesty.

Preacher of Bhojpuri, he published his first book by the name of ‘Manohar Pothi’, to reach the masses. Behind him, he left a prosperous family of children and grandchildren. His family, after him, carried forward his legacy by the name ‘Savitri Thakur Prakashan’ and ‘Yash Prakashan’ under the management of Mr. Purushottam Das Agrawal, Mr. Anand Agrawal and Mr. Yash Vardhan Agrawal.

We are a hub of all kinds of religious books, texts, calendars and diaries published under the name ‘Savitri Thakur Prakashan, Nati Imli, Varanasi’. The firm also publishes the renowned ‘चिंताहरण जंत्री (Chintaharan Jantri)’ and ‘श्री महावीर पंचांग (Shri Mahavir Panchang)’.